Quickest Math Pro

Think quickly and calculate math in short limited time.
Quickest Math will make you mad for a simple calculation.
Are you a genius in math? Challenge yourself by the highest level as "SuperMan". Install Quickest Math Pro from Google Play Store.

Buku Ende

The New Buku Ende Application. Christian batak Toba Church song book. This application working with no ads. Install Buku Ende from Play Store.


TerraConverter currently is a converter with the most complete unit categories and unit name. It consists of 78 Categories: Length, Angle, Area, Volume, Number, Time, Velocity, Acceleration, Mass, Temperature, Sound, Current, Typography and many more, and Units: meter, centimeter, joule, pascal, calorie, watt, horse power, decibel, candela, coulomb, ohm, binary, hexadecimal, roman numeral, bit, megabyte, twip, pixel, inch, point, pound, and many more. Install TerraConverter from Play Store.

Kidung Jemaat

Kidung Jemaat, Nyanyikanlah Kidung Baru, dan Pelengkap Kidung Jemaat in one application with midi song. Install Kidung Jemaat from Google Play Store.

Text Live Wallpaper

You can create a list of text as your wallpaper, share it to your friend, and add yours or your friends generated text as your wallpaper. You also can change the size, color, and type of font even you can add an image as your background with your own text. And for addition, you can change interval of your list of text too!. Install Text Live Wallpaper from Google Play Store.

Humor Ultimate, Humor Komplit

Ultimate humor. The most complete set of Humorous Stories. Total lot of humor in these applications more than 9000 stories. Work offline so you do not need to download the data stories. This application is only for everyone who can read Bahasa Indonesia.  Install Humor Ultimate, Humor Komplit from Google Play Store. For English version try Jokes Ultimate that also from us.

Kamus BiologiQ

Kamus BiologiQ is a biology terminal dictionary.
This application can be used offline. Collection of terminolgy will be updated regularly.
Currently only include indonesian biology terminals. 
Install Kamus BiologiQ from Google Play Store.


SekolahMinggu, aplikasi kumpulan lagu sekolah minggu. Dilengkapi dengan penanda/pembatas. Install SekolahMinggu from Google Play Store.

A Torch

A simple flash light app for Android.
It uses your camera's LED flashlight to let you see in the dark.
If you don't have a flashlight with your camera, it use your screen brightness as flash light instead.

Super small app, below 100kb. Don't waste your device memory because a simple flashlight app. Use this app instead!.
Install A Torch from Google Play Store.

About US

Realize Dreams, Help People, Develop With Passion
We Are A Startup Company Founded By Our Dreams

We believe that everyone could achieve their dreams. We had achieve our long dreams, and we want to help other achieve theirs.

Everyone should go towards their dreams. Everyone should strive for the best. We are here to accompany people. Assisting them in fullfilling their lifelong dreams.

We have create many products that have people in their life. And we always continue to do it. Because helping people is one of our biggest dream still to achieve.

Our Products are build from free and open source software (FOSS) and have a great leverage by using it. We love it, we love the FOSS community. So we give back to the community by opensourcing some of our tools and libraries. Helping people help us.

  • Java

    Mobile, Desktop, and Android

  • LibGDX

    Our Core Game Engine

  • C++, Qt

    Our Preferred Multiplatform Language

  • Database

    This How We Keep Persistence


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Juan Rio Sipayung

Chief Software Architect
An avid reader and avid learner.
An Expert in Android Application development.
Some of his works has been used by thousands of people.
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Felix Kurniawan

Chief Designer
Conceive ideas and moulding it to a beautiful design.
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Batara T. Sianipar

Chief Game Architect
Born with artistic nature. From mind down to earth, creating a game for a joyment.


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